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New publication:
Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards

Official training video of the International Bodyguard Association (IBA).

Available in
October 2008

ISBN: 978-3-930642-52-6

39,95 EUR [D]
plus 3,00 EUR Shipping & Handling

This is the second DVD - "Tactical Firearms for Bodyguards" - in a dynamic and practical series that presents the official training method of the International Bodyguard Association (IBA). The viewer is provided not only with comprehensive exercises, but given unique insights, practical instruction and the essential tactics for personal protection specialist whether Close Protection or working a PSD High Risk team.

This masterclass is taught by James Shortt an internationally acclaimed conflict management specialist. Assisted by fellow combat specialists, Shortt demonstrates tactical shooting for bodyguards, covering different firearms (Carbines, Rifles, Pistols). The "do´s and don´ts" are underlined in practical Bodyguard scenarios.

A must for the Close Protection Operator (CPO) or member of a Protective Service Detail (PSD).


- Introduction IBA and Basic Bodyguard Skills
- History & Development of Tactical Shooting
- Safety
- Bodyguard Skills & Counter Terrorism Team Skills
- Carriage & Equipment
- Weapon Retention
- Types of Ammunition and their Effect
- Body Armour Tolerance Levels
- IBA Method: Shooting Stance, Position, Turning and Movement
- Crouch versus Upright
- Loading and Reloading firearms
- Targets and Areas of Shooting
- Carry and Drag Drills
- Immediate Reaction Drills
- Malfunction Drills - Change Rifle to Pistol
- Shooting when injured
- Distraction Technique
- VIP-Protection Drills
- Training using Cinema Range, Air Soft, Gas and Paint Fireams